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The Virginia Labor Studies Center (VLSC) at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business, works to improve labor-management relations in the Commonwealth. Through educational programs and research, we strive to reach all levels of the working sector. Sessions are typically half- or full-day and focus on current issues in labor relations. These sessions are highly interactive and informative. We’ve earned our reputation for lively, hands-on training!

Course Offerings

Course Description

Issues Discussed

Labor and Employment Laws
Laws affecting Virginia’s workforce featuring discussions of employer’s and employees’ rights and responsibilities. Through individual and small group case analyses, you will review court decisions and their legal interpretations.
  • Americans’ with Disabilities Act
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • National Labor Relations Act
  • Title VII, Civil Rights Act
  • Worker’s Compensation
Workplace Issues
Designed to enhance your knowledge and abilities to confront issues and concerns faced on a routine basis.
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Violence in the Workplace
Occupational Safety and Health
The Center works with the VA Dept. of Labor and Industry to keep you abreast of new OSHA standards and special emphasis programs.
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Special Emphasis Programs
  • Virginia Voluntary Protection Programs (VVPP)
Labor-Management Cooperative Programs
Designed to strengthen the relationship between the parties, to improve the quality of negotiations, and to develop a more productive work environment.
  • Self-Directed Work Teams
  • Effective labor-management partnering
  • Interest Based Bargaining
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
Labor Leadership Programs
The vast array of labor leadership programs are designed to assist current and future union officers in performing their duties. Effective communication, conflict management, labor law updates, contract administration and grievance handling are highlighted throughout concurrent sessions. Labor leadership programs typically last 4 days.
  • Union Stewards Training
  • Labor Leadership Conferences

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Virginia Labor Studies Institute
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OFFICE: (804) 828-7484 or
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