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Virginia Labor Studies Center
Virginia ESOP Education Service (VEES)

The Virginia ESOP Education Service (VEES), part of the Virginia Labor Studies Center at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business, is a non-profit program created at the request of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the National Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) Association. We provide impartial guidance to Virginia employees and employers who are considering employee ownership. Through our education programs, you will receive information on building employee participation systems, enhancing leadership skills and understanding legislative issues.

Through our research and contact with other ESOP organizations we provide current information tailored to Virginia's economic environment. We also recommend additional resources that can assist you to explore employee ownership plans.

ESOP related research produced by the Center

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The Benefits of ESOPs, Journal of Compensation and Benefits, V.15 (No.3), November/December
1999, pp. 10-13Esop

International ESOPs: Variations in Complexities, International HR Journal, Summer 2000, pp. 5-8

Employee Stock Ownership Plans: International Variations, International HR Journal, Spring 2001, pp. 11-12

Financial Valuation Techniques and Strategies: ESOP Complexities, Valuation Strategies, Vol. 4 (No. 5), May/June 2001


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